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  1. Gerard McCaffrey

    We cannot praise the services and the office of Benjamin Kerganueno highly enough.

    We were in a very difficult situation and found Benjamin through an English website. We are based in the UK, with a property in Cannes and Benjamin was not the first lawyer we approached but he certainly was the most optimistic and knowledgeable about handing a situation like ours. After one phone call and an initial email he was promptly onto our case. His English is excellent, both spoken and written, as is his speedy response to any correspondence. He was also very clear about what costs we would incur and we had a signed contract with him from the first day.

    He turned around a painful set of circumstances into a very positive outcome in a short space of time.We are so glad he helped us and would highly recommend his services to both UK and French based Property owners.

    Kind Regards
    G McCaffrey (London UK)

  2. Doyle

    We highly recommened the sevices of Mtre Kergueno. We had a situation which was highly stressful to us and we found that his services were both highly professional and very reassuring. He was helpful, polite and to the point. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these services to any English speaking or Foreign Clients worried about the intricacies of French property law.

  3. Simon

    I would like to thank Benjamin Kergueno, for his excellent service and very helpful advice. I was looking for an English speaking lawyer to advise me on French property law, both his knowledge of French law and his level of English were outstanding, and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for legal assistance in France.

  4. Kevin

    Mtre Kergueno proved to be a true voice of reason and great judgement throughout a stressful time for me. At every point I felt confident in his knowledge, and his approach to matters was calm and professional. During a period when setting up a business in a foreign country can be daunting, Mtre Kergueno took much of the pressure away from me. I will continue to use Mtre Kergueno in the future.

  5. Nicholas

    We would definitely recommend Benjamin to anyone needing legal assistance. We were in urgent need of a lawyer to assist us with documentation from our home country. Not only was Benjamin very quick to reply to our initial email enquiry but he was able to see us at short notice which was great as we had a very tight deadline to meet. Benjamin was incredibly helpful, and very patient with us (there were a lot of documents). His English is also fantastic and we wouldn’t hesitate to use him again should the need arise.

  6. Michaela & Jean-Marc

    We would very much like to recommend Maître Benjamin Kergueno.
    Benjamin was contacted at very short notice. We had an emergency in the US and he was able to meet us in his offices the following day on a Saturday morning! Not only is Benjamin extremely knowledgeable he made sure all the issues were dealt with and we left his office confident that everything had been covered from a legal point of view. It was great to have such a clear communicator who can also switch so easily from one language to the other. Once in the US everything we needed was there on document. Thank you Benjamin. We cannot think of anyone as good in his field on the Riviera. Benjamin cares for his clients, listens and offers precise advice. Not only a great lawyer but a wonderful person.
    We will use Maître Kergueno again in 2016 for French Property legal counseling.

  7. Aurelia

    We contacted Benjamin for an employment dispute and found his service to be outstanding. Not only did he help us to successfully negotiate through a very stressful situation but he did so in a professional, courteous and very patient manner. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Benjamin to anyone in need of his services.

  8. Janis Martin

    I contacted Benjamin for advice about a contract in France. His advice was clear
    and prompt.
    I will be consulting Benjamin when I am ready to make a house purchase in France.
    Thank you , Benjamin.

    Janis Martin BFRP

  9. Lisa Brook

    We found Mr Kergueno to be most helpful and knowledgeable to our situation (none payment of rent) , He understands the needs of his clients instinctively having practiced for so many years with the British ex pats, His assistance ,advice and methods are truly a great advantage when needing professional services..

  10. Dustin

    Mr. Kergueno provided an outstanding service for me and my family in dealing with a horrible landlord in Montpellier; she has a rather difficult time following French laws or acting morally in general. Briefly, she decided she wanted to cut our agreement for the apartment we were inhabiting one month short and she asked us to move out (my family that includes a small child). She gave no reasons for the request – we always paid rent on time and the apartment was always in perfect shape. I tried to reason with her directly but had no luck. All of our agreements were in writing, so we were clearly in the right morally and, we presumed, legally, although my knowledge of French law is non-existant. Nevertheless, she had her lawyer sent an email threatening to evict us. As you might understand, this caused no end to our anxiety.

    I reached out for advice and got so much more from Mr. Kergueno. He wrote a letter to the lawyer (who was also acting outside of the law) and voila, problem solved. Mr. Kergueno explained my rights and the French laws to me (and to the opposing lawyer I presume). Mr. Kergueno also followed up with the opposing lawyer when the landlord attempted some subsequent chicanery, and again, problem solved. I cannot express the peace Mr. Kergueno’s help has provided to me and my family. If I have subsequent issues with the landlord – which would not be surprising – there is no one I would rather hire than Mr. Kergueno, I know the problem with be solved quickly and professionally.

  11. Charles

    I had three matters each requiring expertise in different areas of the law, with one covering two jurisdictions. Benjamin was able to help me solve each of these, and in a way that was clear and explanatory – few lawyers are either able to or wish to demystify their knowledge, but he does! And with courtesy, warmth, patience and humour!
    He easily passes the acid test of being the ‘go-to’ person for professional legal solutions.

  12. Margaret

    As an English-speaking coproprietor in a small voluntary syndic(i.e. We do it ourselves) I had several problem areas and questions about French law and practice. These ranged from voting and decision-making to debt management and recovery. Benjamin provided clear, practical guidance and explanations which have helped solve our problems. Excellent standard of professional service – thank you!

  13. Mrs B

    It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Benjamin Kerganueno . I contacted him regarding a rental matter in France as a tenant, and found him to be patient , polite and reassuring while extending his knowledge of French property law in impeccable English. I am delighted to have found him , and will definitely contact him again should I have need in the future.

  14. Suzi

    I cannot recommend Benjamin Kergueno and his team highly enough. My family and I have dealt with several French property lawyers – both bilingual and French-only speaking – but Benjamin is in a different league. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is also extremely approachable, with a sympathetic and reassuring manner. This last point is important: if you are in need of Benjamin’s services, chances are your life is not going as well as it could be.

    Also, do not assume from this website that Benjamin’s services are only for Monaco millionaires. His hourly rate may not be the cheapest, but he somehow manages to cram an incredible amount of work into an hour – presumably because he knows exactly what he is doing and not a minute is wasted – so it works out quite cost-effective. In any case, I found it a very small price to pay for an end to sleepless nights.

  15. benjamin Post author

    Thank you very much for your very nice words. It’s been a pleasure to work with you really.

  16. Simon

    I needed an English speaking lawyer in Nice. I made contact and had an immediate reply.
    Benjamin speaks English very well. He was very efficient and fully understood the situation. Highly professional and very helpful. I really cannot speak highly enough of him. I would recommend him without hesitation. I have dealt with many lawyers in my work and also personal life. I would certainly place him at the top.

  17. Adam

    I needed a document certified my Benjamin and he was very helpful. He replied immediately and I was able to see him the next day. A very pleasant man that spoke excellent English. If you are looking for an English speaking lawyer in the Nice area I would highly recommend him. Thank you for your help Benjamin it was make appreciated.

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