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We take the hypothesis of a property that was built more than 5 years ago. I The various taxes related to the acquisition of the property : When acquiring the property, it’s necessary to pay transfer fees: The amount of the fees (notary fees and stamp duties) is divided into several fees collected by the State and...
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Deduction of the ISF liability modified by the implementation of the IFI. French tax residents within the meaning of article 4 B of the CGI (General Tax Code), whose taxable assets in respect of the solidarity tax on wealth, were greater than 1.3 million euros, were liable to pay tax to the ISF. As their...
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Convictions of dishonest proprietors are multiplying in the capital. And the fines are big. According to figures from the city of Paris, a little over 1.48 million euros in fines were handed down to individuals brought to justice by Paris City Hall between 1 January and 5 November 2018. The amount of these convictions already...
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What Are the Property Taxes on a £2 Million Vacation Home in Bordeaux? Second-home owners are seeing changes in France BY V.L. Hendrickson  |  ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON November 8, 2018  |  Mansion Global Every week, Mansion Global poses a tax question to real estate tax attorneys. Here is this week’s question. Q: I live in England...
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The French tax authorities will test the monitoring of social networks From the beginning of 2019, the French tax administration will experiment with monitoring the accounts of taxpayers, resident and non-resident, on social networks to improve the fight against tax fraud, announced the French minister of public accounts, Gérald Darnanin. The fight against tax fraud...
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French social charges taxed 15,5% on property incomes paid by non residents  : The saga unfolds. The most recent update to the landmark ruling in the MR de Ruyter case concerning french social charges paid by non-residents occurred on 27/07/2015, where the Conseil d’Etat confirmed a European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision made in February...
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Franco – Luxembourg tax treaty will be modified in 2016 for capital gains on properties located in France. On January 1st 2016, capital gains on transfer of properties located in France and owned by Luxembourg companies like a SOPARFI via a french company like an SCI (Société Civile Immobilière), will be taxed in France, and...
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French social charges taxed 15,5% on property incomes paid by non residents to be ruled contrary to EU law. The ECJ’s General Advocate Sharpston says in pending case C-623-13 that the french social charges taxed 15,5% on property incomes paid by non residents are contrary to EU Regulation n°1408/71. This would apply to property incomes...
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