Connecting legal cultures

20The Practice specializes mostly in the legal aspects of french property law and related transactions, and also intervenes in the field of accident law and personal injury cases. As a fully qualified french Attorney at Law / Solicitor, the emphasis is on providing a personal, professional and efficient service to the client cialis dosierung.

The legal services provided as an Attorney at Law fully licensed to practice over the French Riviera, in Nice, Cannes, Antibes … :

– Counsel and representation over all aspects of your french property purchase, use, and sale.

– Setting up french property owning companies, the SCIs (“Société Civile Immobilière”).

– Providing solutions and advising on french inheritance and french tax liability.

– Drafting french wills and dealing with french probate.

We can offer our assistance in, among other, the following fields :

– The formation, acquisition and disposal of all civil and commercial rights to use, enjoy and dispose of immovable goods.

– Analysis, consultations, negotiations, drafting deeds, contracts, terms of sale, condominium ownerships, easements, leasing, residential and commercial leases, long-term leases contracts and so on.

– Dispute settlement by out-of-court agreement, arbitrations or court proceedings for public liability : nuisance, landlord-tenant disputes, structural defects, latent defects and so on.

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